LOGISTIKAS RISINAJUMI offers a guarded warehouse 1000 m2 large. Also you have a possibility to keep your out-of-gage cargoes in the open area.

For your needs we offer a modern and professional warehouse equipment and stock as well as a discharge using the lift truck or mobile crane.

The cargo can also be insured while it stayes at the warehouse.

For your convenience we offer now warehouse and customs warehouse services. It will allow you to perform a selling – buying deals right at the warehouse.

Warehouse services:

  • Keeping of cargoes at customs warehouse;
  • Collection of cargoes by the specification – palettes, kilograms, cases, peaces, articles etc.;
  • Disposition and storage of goods by the specific peculiarities of cargo;
  • Selection of goods by articles and pieces;
  • Completion of goods, labeling, packaging;
  • Customs brokerage services;
  • Preparing of cargoes for export purposes;
  • Execution of attendant documentation for a consignee of cargo;
  • Delivery of cargo to consignee;
  • Consultations.